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Thread: Save file edit to allow transfer help?

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    Serendipity Guest

    Save file edit to allow transfer help?

    Hello! I'm posting here to try and help a friend of mine who is... pretty devastated at the moment. We bought Little Big Planet 2 today, and well, she can't transfer her data.

    She only got her own (originally using her father's) PS3 due to the fact that she used her father's so often when she received Little Big Planet 1. So, when she got her own, she copied the saved data in order to continue the game (as she was almost done).

    While she dealt with the fact that she couldn't earn trophies, despite the annoyingness of it, she can't deal with the fact that everything she earned is now, technically, gone, due to the fact that her data won't transfer.

    Does anyone know what I or she can do to fix this? Or, if I uploaded her saved data, would anyone be able to fix it?

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    Natepig Guest
    So on her fathers ps3 she goes to the lbp save data and presses triangle and copys the data to usb stick? If so what happens when she tries to put the usb stick in her ps3?

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    daveshooter Guest
    OK, how are you trying to transfer her files? what are the error's if any? In order to help we/I need a little more info on what the state is, of the ps3 that has her data files on it. did she transfer her account correctly, to her new ps3? is the game on the same update? are both ps3's on the same firmware?

    thats spooky natepig, 7 hours ago, this was asked, so I thought I'd just pop and try and help. and you got there just before me.

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    Natepig Guest
    We can tag team the problem

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    Serendipity Guest
    First, thank you both so much for replying. Now, to answer:

    Natepig - Yes. She did this a few months after LBP1 came out. Everything transferred fine, except everytime she loaded she received this:

    "WARNING! Your profile has been copied from another user. You can proceed but you will not be able to unlock any Trophies. If you wish to unlock Trophies then please quit the game and delete the profile from the Game Data Utility before rebooting"
    While she was upset about it (after all, who wouldn't want to win trophies?), she dealt with it since she at least didn't have to start over and she was more focused on the items than the trophies.

    The problem is now with LBP2. She'll load it up and instead of it importing the LBP1 data immediately like it's supposed doesn't. And when she gets to the Pod on the "new sack" and tries to import it that way, it says she can't because the data was copied from another user (her father's PSN--as mentioned, she didn't realize the whole way a PS3 worked at the time so she never realized she was logged in as him...she made her PSN when setting up her PS3).

    daveshooter - I pretty much got the first two questions answered above. XD Like I said, she had no idea about how the PS3 worked, so the files were just copied from the save data onto a USB and transferred. This was done in December 2008. The games are all completely updated--I don't know when my dad last used his (or if he still has his old PS3), but the PS3 doesn't seem to be an issue--it seems to be the fact that she accidentally played it on his PSN when she first got the game that has caused the problems.

    She wouldn't mind replaying everything to earn trophies--she would mind having to remake 55+ costumes, regetting every costume, making like 20-30 levels, and etc. Not to mention the community items and pictures she'd also lose.

    As for the same firmware, I believe so? I honestly don't understand the question =( I'm sorry--we're both pretty bad at the technical terms.

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    Natepig Guest
    It sounds like there would be no easy fix for this. Unfortunately it would probably require jailbreaking her ps3 and messing around with her save data. This might be a case of having to play it all again and putting it down to learning experience. She could probably do it all twice as fast as the first time.

    Sorry I can't help maybe barrybarryk will see this and jump in with a solution.

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    Serendipity Guest
    I was afraid of that--while I'm not sure what jailbreaking is, we were both hoping someone could just go in her data, make it think it was always her account (after all, it was always her data)/kill the trophy warning message, and everything would be good. If only =(

    The level-doing isn't so much the issue as having to re-do the 55 outfits she made and having to try and find who she received the locked community stuff from as they can't be transferred to other users, unfortunately.

    I can hope =(

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    barrybarryk Guest
    sorry i'm not sure if anything can be done, I haven't seen many successful attempts at editing copy protected saves.

    Though it might be worth trying to copy the save back to a USB then recreate a new user mimicking her dads account PSN login and all then try copy the save to that account

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    Serendipity Guest
    We even got it all copied over onto a USB. =( It's so sad nothing can be done.

    We tried that. =( We actually have her dad's PSN on her PS3 (as he bought her some DLC when she only played on his) so we went and copied the data over to his.

    Best part? It gave the same trophy error. Even though it was originally on his account. Yeah, makes no sense to me either. :/

    We were hoping, even if she couldn't earn trophies (and the new pins...) again, that if we could get it to the 2nd game then transfer it again, she could play it on her PSN...but of course, things enver go as planned =( And since it had the same error, the plan backfired.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    if you want to upload it we can have a look and see if we can find the console ID flag in the save, it'd be a shot in the dark but we might get lucky

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