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    barrybarryk Guest
    hi sorry for the delay im still working on that lbp save, i haven't forgot lol.

    is there any chance you can make a lbp1 save on her new ps3 and upload it, it'll help with the compare (it'll have the console/account specific details in it), it doesn't matter how much is complete or anything like that it's mainly to kind of splice the two together.

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    Serendipity Guest
    It's alright! I figured it'd take time. Well, the one I gave is the LBP1 save on her PS3--as it can be imported into two... which we keep deleting as it won't import yet. Or do you mean make a new one? If the latter, we can do that. Does it have to be on the same PSN? (IE: Hers) Or can it be any PSN as long as it's on the same PS3?

    Just so we know to make sure everything is good before we delete her data to save the empty data.

    Edit: Barry, I think I just figured out what you meant--you mean just one that was made on her PS3, doesn't matter who's, as to see what's different than the one she copied from her dad's, right? :3

    So, she just went on mine (I don't have a PS3 so I use hers when I visit) and I've attached the data.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    thanks that's what I was after, I'll keep you posted.

    Though I've seen on official channels there seems to be alot of problems with the import feature so it may get fixed in an update soon.

  4. #24
    Serendipity Guest
    you're welcome! thanks so much.

    Yeah, I read about that myself- honestly, we spent hours looking everywhere and even a few people who never had problems we heard did... the main difference is, we did have issues before so we can't help but worry that they may continue even after a patch =(

    Edit: Okay quick update (since I got an Okay XD), apparently there's going to be a patch... but from what I read, a fix won't be included in it as it's "working as it should" with the whole copied data even though it can't import which is still silly, but whatever v-v; So, unless this works, chances are, it'll have to be done all over.

    So, a lot of people are pretty disappointed about this too- we've tried other fixes we've seen around, but no luck. =(

    I hope it's going okay on your end.

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    update to 3.55 if you don't have a jailbreak device. install comgenies awesome filemanager, copy xregisry on dev_flash2, edit the FakeSaveDataOwner option to 00000001 and copy to ps3 then try to copy the save data.

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    Serendipity Guest
    The PS3 is completely un-jailbroken. I'm not sure if this is to me or barry, but we'll give it a try. It should be at the most up to date update... the PS3 I mean.

    Went to look up the program real quick- it seems I need to put this on my PS3 and it kind of warns not to if you have no idea what I'm doing so... erm... not sure if I should attempt it unless there's a computer version.

  7. #27
    ps3haze Guest
    I'm gonna jump in here. I think the easiest way without jailbreaking both PS3 is backup dads PS3 and copy to the Girls PS3. But she will loose everything she did on her new PS3, it will be like she just resumed using Dads PS3. If this is acceptable then follow the steps below:

    1. Format the external drive for the transfer using FAT32, use this HP format util to make the drive a PS3 will recognize: softpedia.com/dyn-postdownload.php?p=123786&t=4&i=1

    2. On DADs ps3 goto: Settings->System Settings->Backup Utility->Back Up and make a backup of the PS3 data onto the external drive.

    3. On the Girls PS3 connect the external drive and goto: Settings->System Settings->Backup Utility->Restore and restore the PS3 data from the external drive. This will erase all her current data!!!

    4. Play LBP1&2 with all the saved data, trophies will not copy over

    The down side is that she looses everything on the PS3 she already has and she is locked to her DADs PSN account if he has one already registered.

    The only other way to do it is to hack both PS3s so that you can copy data over. This can bugger things up if you do something silly so be careful and understand what your doing.

  8. #28
    Serendipity Guest
    The reason she transferred everything to begin with to a new PSN is she didn't want his. And considering she only did about 25% of the game on the other PS3, it'd be nearly as bad as just redoing the game from scratch to begin with.

    And the trophy issue is what is not letting LBP1 be imported into LBP2 regardless.

    This is why we posted just to see if anyone could do anything with the saved data.

  9. #29
    barrybarryk Guest
    I'm not having much luck with it, but i'll be giving it another go tomorrow. hooray for days off

  10. #30
    Serendipity Guest
    Darn. Thank you for giving it another go though (days off are wonderful)! I wish you the best of luck.

    I wish I could offer advice or help or something, but I'm just completely clueless in the situation =(

    Edit: Just thought of something I remembered when we were trying to look into it. As far as the save seems to be, it's essentially orphaned. It looks like it's mine when looking into it (PS3 and ID match--nothing of her dad's stuff anywhere), yet it still shows up as copied. It shows up copied on her father's too, even though it was originally from there. It's like the save doesn't even know where it's from...

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