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Thread: Save file edit to allow transfer help?

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    pasty745 Guest
    I ran into a problem with my Final Fantasy XIII data that I moved from my friend's PS3. Said that it was made by a different user (even though the names were the same). I found out that the problem was that I had not logged into the PSN with my new PS3. After I signed-in one time the file could then correctly see that the account was mine.

    So she might just need to log in so that the account can be linked, or activated, or whatever cool term you wish to use. There is also the problem of some game saves not being transferable. I hope that in her case signing in to the PSN with her ID and password will work.

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    Serendipity Guest
    Thank you to barrybarryk for at least being willing to try. I really hope you or someone manages to get lucky and I really appreciate this.

    pasty745 - She's always logged in so I'm pretty sure that's not an issue =(

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    daveshooter Guest

    Same issue myself today.

    Hi, I don't know if you have resolved this yet, but I had the same ish problem myself for a mo.

    If it's feasible for your friend to try, this may help. On her dads ps3, login as her, and if possible still, play that game, and then exit game, synchronize her trophies on the PSN, then connect dads ps3 to hers and transfer all files across. making a image of her dads ps3 on hers. then login as she would on her dads ps3, but this time on her ps3,then goto the PSN and synchronize trophies, then if she wishes she can remove all dads old stuff if not needed. Then, If she has a spare drive laying around, put that in dads ps3, let the ps3 format it , then send, transfer her ps3 back to dads ps3 making a real backup of her ps3.

    As long as dads ps3 stays working and you only put that drive in dads ps3, you have a safe full working backing of your PS3 with no 32bit drive limits. Also a nice way to upgrade your drive, if the files are to big to backup and transfer using USB.

    tested works 100% from a CFW PS3 3.55 Geo > OFW ps3 3.55 Stock No reason it not working Stock to Stock PS3, as long as the firmware is the same.

    NOTE: protected media will be removed from donor ps3, as its transfered.

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    Serendipity Guest
    No, it hasn't been resolved yet. Okay... I'll admit your instructions are a bit confusing, but I think I got the gist of it. The main issue is that the PS3s are on two separate floors and I'm pretty sure we don't have a cord that long... if any cord to do this. What kind of cord would you need, just so I can try looking around?

    The only spare drive big enough we have though (as we tried to do something like this first before we realized how to get the game Utility data) isn't read by the PS3 for some I'm not sure what to do in that case.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Can you not have both ps3's in the same room? and you need a crossover Ethernet cable. or a Ethernet cable with a crossover adapter on the end. You may have a adapter if you had an old xbox1, little green plastic thing.

    And you can run a cable 305 feet or 99 meters ish, so they say.

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    Serendipity Guest
    It's alright! I believe she used to have an Ethernet cable, but I'm not sure if she still does. But yeah, she has to use it for her xbox.

    The main thing I realized is you're asking her to sign in on her account on her dad's... she didn't have an account until she got her own PS3, so she doesn't actually have an account on her dad's.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Sign in as the her user then, same thing. but she can't synchronize her trophies. not unless she use the same email and password as she does on her new account with psn, on that account she uses on her dads.

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    Serendipity Guest
    She doesn't... which was the whole issue. It was her first time using her PS3--her dad's account was already made, she just played... he got her her own... she made her own user and copied the data, etc.

    She had used her dad's PSN not even knowing was a PSN was until she got her own PS3.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Sorry bud, I understand now, sorry if you put that across before. No the only way she can use the saves or continue the game, is to use dads account that the game was 1st played on. that explains why Barry was going to look at the save for you.

    Hope he can sort it for you, could be usefull to know. All the best with it.

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    Serendipity Guest
    Yeah, we know why v-v But she didn't realize that at the time (or she would've made her own account before playing), she'd rather not use his PSN, and she copied it because she was 3 levels away from finishing the game. She 100% it and did all the DLC on her own PSN though And much more in the end too.

    It's just... frustrating. But yeah, thus why we're hoping he may be able to do something.

    Thank you for trying anyway <3

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