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    Saturn Emulator for ps3 help?

    Anyone know how to get this saturn emulator for ps3 to work? Have tried all methods and always get booted back to xmb. I can see its trying to work as it keeps switching between a black screen and a very dark grey screen and telling me my resolution.

    I have put the bios file in the root of my ext hdd, a micro sd card using my phone to connect and a 3g dongle with a built in flash drive (actually just another micro sd card) none of this seems to work.

    I have changed the bios name to bios.bin as well.

    Anyone got a clue to what I need to do, done fresh install of it aswell. Had no problem with the SNES emu but no joy at all with the saturn one.

    BTW, any other EMUs out yet?

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    Try several Regions and always name it in all capital "BIOS.BIN" it shouldn't make any difference, but to avoid capitalization problems I suggest you do it.

    Bottom line, experiment and try several regions.

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    I think it's more of a Proof-of-concept than a real emulator for now. If I remember well, no retail games work yet.

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    I did get it to work.

    Get yourself an european Bios. Name it BIOS.BIN and out it at the root of your USB Stick. Now name the iso of your game you want to play GAME.ISO and put it also on the root of your usb stick and then start the emu that way it worked for me.

    I tried several bios files and only the european one worked for me.

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