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Thread: Safest way of running PS3 homebrew help?

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    tragedy Guest

    Safest way of running PS3 homebrew help?

    So, it's been a while since I was last here as I've been almost too busy for the last year to even turn my PS3 on, but I'd like to get back into writing some original homebrew. Last time I wrote some homebrew, I was using a clone of the original dongle, but the constant use of the dongle was a bit annoying and I'm sure there's a better way now!

    What's considered the easiest and safest route nowadays? I still have a PS3 that's on old enough firmware to use a dongle, but obviously then I need to use a really old SDK and I can see at least SDK 3.60 and 4.00 have leaked since then. And there seem to be many different guides on how to convert a retail kit to a devkit which seems like it'll be the easiest option as I won't need a dongle any more.

    It also seems hard to tell if the current custom firmwares are actually the current firmwares that have been hacked to report a newer version for PSN or whether they're actually genuinely current firmwares with the restrictions removed...

    And for homebrew, the last I knew on the scene was that the 3.5 era keys no longer worked on newer firmwares. Is that still true for the current custom firmwares? And do the custom firmwares all let you add a pkg from a USB stick like the original dongle?

    So now as there are seemingly so many options and it's hard to actually know which one is the best to use given that I can probably use any of them as my firmware is so old, I thought I'd ask you guys for a recommendation... So, what option do you guys recommend as the easiest and which would allow me the most flexibility for writing homebrew?

    This is for an old fat PS3 by the way... I can't remember what model it is, but it'd have been from the first year after the PS3 was released...

    Oh, forgot to mention... I'd also like to be able to try some of the new PS3 linux distros that allow use of all the SPUs too. Not sure if that's possible if I turn a retail ps3 into a devkit.

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    metzen Guest

    Safest way of running PS3 homebrew help?

    You are in a good situation since you kept your Phat PS3 on such a low firmware.

    You will want to update to 3.55 CFW first and then for you I would suggest Rebug 4.50 because of all the options it would provide you with. Go ahead and read up on this version.

    You must update up to 3.55 as your base CFW. Go past 3.55 and then you will need to downgrade with a hardware downgrade flasher so please keep this in mind.

    If you have more questions please don't hesitate to post back!

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    hishamage Guest
    spoof your ps3 console id just spoof it to random one then changed it back to normal when you done using homebrew apps

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