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    d33tah Guest

    Is it safe to update my original PS3 firmware?


    I hadn't been playing on PSN or updating my console ever since the jailbreak news. Now that I finally have some time to play, I'd like to find out if there are any risks of updating my original firmware to a next version of OFW (I don't want to go CFW yet, want to play a bit on PSN for now). I couldn't find any specific answers on that in the sticky FAQ threads, so I'll ask you here:

    I heard that in order to downgrade your console, you no longer need an exploit, you can use the recovery mode. Can Sony somehow disable this mode via their updates, making their consoles fixable only with a hardware flasher? Or, can they disable the hacks in any other way in the future?

    I only want the answer if you're 100% sure.

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    Easton999GS Guest
    if you update your ps3 to ofw. say goodbye to ever being on cfw again. why don't you just update to 4.21 rebug? and run it in rex mode you can play online all you want. if you get banned run psn unban and you'll be fine

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    hilongo Guest
    As Easton999GS said... you cannot go to any OFW greater than 3.55 if you want to come back to a CFW. The only way to downgrade an OFW greaterthan 3.55 is via hardware flasher.

    What you have read about going back to 3.55 CFW is only valid if you are in 3.55 and install a 4.X CFW (4.21 Rebug is one of the more stable ones) ... it has an option to go back to 3.55

    This way you can play online and play the latest games ... there's risk of being banned of course, but no one that I know has been banned and they play online all the time (you may want to keep away from Black Ops 2 online)

    Hope that this adds to the previous answer!


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    d33tah Guest
    So, if I currently have 4.25 installed (that was the latest one at the moment the keys leaked), I won't be able to downgrade without a HW flasher?

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    Liongooder Guest
    I think you can only downgrade if the the region code is below 3000 for example if its CECH3000 or CECH3001a or b whatever, i don't think you can downgrade.

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    d33tah Guest
    Does "I don't think you can downgrade" mean "you might get a sudden brick" or "it will just fail, leaving you with the previous OFW"?

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    hilongo Guest
    I have been looking around and read about a MinVerChk tool by ifcaro ... it's a fake update PUP that you use as if it were a FW update. When it fails (cause it's not a real FW) it tells you the minimum FW your PS3 can be downgraded to .... If that number is greater than 3.55 ... a downgrade attempt would typically end in a brick.

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    BluRay Guest
    You'll need a hardware flasher to downgrade on 3.55+. As for "play a bit on PSN", If you aren't addicted to It and don't plan on taking It seriously you might as well stay on CFW, 3.55.3 Rebug CFW is good enough. If you ever get banned, use this: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post445591

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