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Thread: Safe to remove PS3 Hard Drive?

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    Natas999 Guest

    Safe to remove PS3 Hard Drive?

    If I upgrade my Hard Drive and remove the old one, will the old Hard Drive lose any data? Is it possible for me to switch back into the old hard drive without re-formatting?

    Thank You!

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    tableturner Guest
    pretty sure you're just unplugging it so should be fine. or you could format it and have yourself a little external too

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    Nespavost Guest
    Swapping back and forth is safe, you can also change the firmware on the new HD, Thus making alot of possibilities available to you. With a little bit of searching you could have figured this out.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Yes - you can switch between original and upgraded hard drives without loosing any data on either of them as loong as you'll keep the firmware version the same on both though. Once you'll upgrade your PS3 with one hard drive in it you'd need to reinstall the upgraded FW on the other hard drive as well - it's not possible to keep two hard drives at various FW versions.

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    Nespavost Guest
    Swapping Hard Drives will work, and depending on the firmware on each one you will be able to mod, and do as you please with it. With a little searching you could have figured this out though...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nope - you CAN'T have different versions FW on each hard drive - PS3 will refuse to accept that - maybe you should have done a little bit of searching first

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    Nespavost Guest
    Swapping Hard drives is dandy, you shouldn't have any problems swapping them in and out, and you can install the 3.41 firmware on the new HDD and jailbreak it as well if you wanted to.

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