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Thread: Is it safe to handover PS3s to Sony service centers ?

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    BackHome Guest

    Wink Is it safe to handover PS3s to Sony service centers ?

    Just wondering if it is safe to handover the PS3 to customer service centers for problems.

    The worry is, would they update the firmware to the latest, even though it might not be relevant to the issue in question. (for eg. the eject button randomly working and not)

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Yes, they probably will. Better to ask them before you hand it over.

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    Correct, their general practice is to update the Firmware, however, awhile back one user here reported he requested they didn't and received his unit back with the same Firmware intact.

    Whether he was BS'ing or not is a good question, but if I was in the situation of needing Sony to fix my own PS3 I would at least ask them that... it can't hurt, say you legitimately use it for PS3 Linux etc as would be completely reasonable.

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    TheMormegil Guest
    Unless it's a slim...

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    TheShroomster Guest
    I called them and they said they are being updated upon repair now that's why i fixed my own.

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    effbee Guest
    They swapped mine out. I sent in a fat with 3.15 with RSOD, got back a different system still at 3.15 and this was after the 3.21 FW was released.

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