I recently installed The Saboteur the usa edition and this one is censord, so yesterday i updated my ps3key so i could go on PSN, and all works fine gone to EU psn and downloaded the midnight show addon for free as for the US addon u have to pay.

i downloaded it and ftp it to my pc and the 2 versions are different one is BLUS and the other is BLES, so i edited the sfo off the addon that the BLESxxxx of the addon got changed to BLUSxxxxx.

Then i installed the gamedata required for the game to be played, quit the game and ftp the addon folder into the /game folder and overwriting all files.

Booted the game and the game now was uncensord without the use of a special code you have to have with the US version to unlock brothels and stuff.

So can this be done with all addons, with just changing the sfo?