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Thread: Running PS3 without it's case help?

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    saito1234 Guest

    Running PS3 without it's case help?

    Did anyone try it already to use a FAT PS3 without the case? Does it help against overheating problems? Since it isn't enclosed this way, the air flow, such the temperatures should be much better, or not?

    I wonder what differences can be achieved that way!

    My PS3 (40gb) already got YLOD 2 times, and I'd like to prevent it this time, so I'm looking for solutions that can help. From now on I'll probably always use the Iris Manager Cooling Mod to prevent overheating, but that in alone probably isn't enough to prevent a YLOD.

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    StevenTj Guest
    Play your fat without its case is too risk, dusts are easier to get inside and preventing air circulation. Put your ps3 on open wide area. Ac room is better. Dont play it more than 2 hours (estimated). Control fan utility helped too.

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    niwakun Guest
    dust is not a problem with a PS3 out of the case, if you really know how dust formed into something that can be problem on electronics, then you probably thinking the best bet for it is to open the system in open space.

    the only risk on no case ps3 is the static electricity in your body that can fry the chips on PS3, but I doubt that you can do that in PS3's motherboard since its heavily protected with big metal plating on it. at least the only vulnerable part is the switch power eject sensor and the bluetooth module since those are very sensitve device, also the ribbon cables.

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    dsavage Guest
    my ps3 is in it's case, but my 360 has been without a case pretty much since i got it a few years ago, i think would be same with ps3.

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    JeoWay Guest
    The case just holds the parts together and makes it look pretty

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