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Thread: running on 3.50.. should i get 1 or 2?

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    datrace757 Guest

    running on 3.50.. should i get 1 or 2?

    Ok I need to buy a external harddrive... I wanna buy a 500 gb but will that be enough for my ps3 backups (when we get the opensource downgrader..running on 3.50) and wii backups which I have a 4 gb flash drive and that's not enough my question is should I buy two 500 gb one for the wii and one for the ps3? or will one be enough and can I even have both on one? Wont it re format when I logg on my pc to put wii backups??

    I know I haven't jb my system yet but I wanna at least have what I need ..when the downgrader drops for us 3.50 ppl

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    elser1 Guest
    i think you will need a lot more than 500g depending on how many games you OWN and want to back up.. i have a 1.5tb and its over half full. around 70/80 games.. it won't reformat when you put it to your computer when you do wii games.. seperate folder i'd say..

    personally i'd go at least a terrabyte for each system, or at the very least buy 2x500gig. one for ps3 and one for wii.

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    gurpreet Guest
    Hi there,

    I have a wii which has around 90 games (give or take a few) and I am currently using a 160GB Harddrive with 30GB free. Depending on the games of course, and how many you have, 160-250 should be more than enough. I only play 5 of those games, the rest are just a collection

    In regards to the ps3 side, I have 15 games downloaded (Also waiting on the 3.50 downgrader) which is 90gb. I would suggest maybe keeping your current harddrive for your wii, even though quite a lot would be wasted, and buy a 500gb-1TB Harddrive for your PS3, depending on the games you want

    Also, from what I've experienced, the Wii harddrive resets to WBFS format everytime I want to add a game, so you may be able to put some movies or music on the side, just as backup for the rest of the space. Maybe making it into a new partition for those, with a NTFS/Fat format, haven't tried that.

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    thedevilsdj Guest
    2 hard drives mate, trust me, you don't want to be splitting a HDD into two diffrent partitions, it just gets to messy. x2 500 gig will be more than enough. although it depend on what type of gamer you are...

    if you like to have games on your HDD for fun [or to look good] then go and get a 2T HDD for the PS3 and dump everything you have onto it.

    320 gig will be plenty for the wii as most games are scrubbed and take up around 1gig max is 3.5

    or save your money on a HDD and go and buy a PSJailbreak and downgrade your PS3! haha

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    datrace757 Guest
    Thanks for the help my good men... only thing is I have a 20gb ps3 fat one.

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