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Thread: Runescape help!

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    greenito Guest

    Question Runescape help!

    could somebody tell me how to run game on my ps3 ?

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    IanJ Guest
    Never heard of it... just took a quick look at their website and there are java run options. I'd suggest trying the different versions. The PS3 browser only supports some basic java, so if none of these options work you'll need to use an old fashioned PC until they are.

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    greenito Guest
    it's awesome game i play it since 2001.. i tried to play it on ps3 but couldnt.. i saw some videos that some ppl playing it on ps3 from youtube.. just wondering and i would like to try it.

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    xenoww Guest

    Not possible

    Its not possible on the normal ps3 browser but it is possible to do if you do install linux on your ps3. But why whould you play runescape when you got a ps3?

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