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Thread: Run pkg Games from Multiman help?

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    Scruffy Guest

    Run pkg Games from Multiman help?

    I have downloaded a lot of the pkg file games and i am installing them all on a EXT HDD. I would like to have them just show up in Multiman instead of cluttering up the xmb. Now i played around with this a bit and i tried moving the games to root/GAMES from there original location.

    I even edited a few with PS3FOEdit so they will show up in Multiman but when i try to run one it loads and shows up in the xmb but when i try to run it i get the error "An error occured during the start operation (80010009)" and it doesn't start.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I don't think it's possible to run .PKG games from multiMAN as disc games. But you can try grouping your games in the XMB by pressing "Square" in the games tab so it isn't all "cluttered" up.

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    Scruffy Guest
    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes i know about that, but i am talking about a 100+ games which is a lot to always have to through which is why i was hoping to use Multiman. If not, maybe this is something Dean could add.

    Anyways thanks again and i will see what others have to say.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    If i'm not wrong then it doesn't work cause pkg games that run of the xmb are signed with the NPDRM key like PSN games it has. Normal games installed from disk direct to hdd are not signed with the NPDRM key.

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