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Thread: Run Games through External HDD Problem

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    barrybarryk Guest
    hmm, my guess is a problem with the game path but Ive never used that manager so I don't know where games are supposed to be stored, I use multiMAN it's much better as you can define your own paths to games if needs be.

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    Maximus87 Guest
    Something i just tried... I put some photos on the HDD and even these cannot read...

    I formated again with my Macbook on FAT32... It is for sure FAT 32.

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    caesarc Guest
    Try with a self powered HDD if you are now using a 2,5' drive powered from USB.

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    Maximus87 Guest
    My HDD is WD 500 GB, is that OK or should I use smaller?

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    severusx Guest
    Yeah I would suggest that you use MultiMan, so the folder paths don't matter. However you said a few posts above that the drive is not even being recognized by BUM? Does it show up at the bottom as USB1 or any USB (number)? If not then i would guess that you don't have it formated correctly. What did you use to format it?

    Edit: I see that you used your MacBook to format it. My guess is that the Mac formatting utility is doing something funny. Do you have access to a Windows machine?

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    Maximus87 Guest
    My PS3 doesn't recognize it at all... I put it on USB1 without jailbreak and does the same thing "No media servers found"

    I use Disk Utility from Macbook. Not now but I will have tomorrow! I will try to partition at 100 GB else I will try to reformat it with Windows.

    Thanks for your help

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    matrixdts Guest
    In the USDIR folder there is a folder that is over 4 gig ( UI FOLDER ) split up of many files that do no exceed 4 gig. Does this create a problem for fat32 or does it only applie to individual file sizes?

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    Maximus87 Guest
    Bad News!!!... I formatted with windows to FAT32 and my PS3 cannot recognize yet... I cannot read neither photos, videos etc....

    It is the first time I connect ext hdd to ps3. Should I do something?? My WD 500 is USB 3.0.... Does this important??

    Also should I put certain folders for photos and videos?? Because the USB Stick ti readable!!

    I don't know what to do...

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    Ecniv Guest
    Hmzz don`t want to throw you of your game but have you tried a different BM?? I`m using Gaia never had any trouble with that...

    Good luck anyway....

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    JedTanner Guest
    I'm thinking a hardware problem with your PS3 USB ports. Have you tried using all the usb ports? Also, your WD might have some compatibility issue with your PS3. Try using the WD Formatter to format your drive to FAT32.

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