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    Pool Guest

    RSOD downgrade log file help?


    I've just tried to downgrade my 3.41 80gb to firmware 3.15 and it seems to have downgraded successfully but it still didn't fix the RSOD, it did however leave a logfile on my USB stick, I'm not sure if it does this anyway because this is the first time I've downgraded a PS3.

    So after a couple of try of fixing this RSOD i've finally given up I thought the downgrade might of done it because it seems to flash everything successfully according to the logfile so I guess my RSOD or all RSOD's are not corrupt/firmware.

    If anyones interested I've attached the logfile.


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    BwE Guest
    upgrade it to 3.41 modified and see then.

    also red screen can also be caused by bad/loose cables.

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    cackalack Guest
    I've suscessfully got 3 ps3s all 80gigs out of the red screen, by rebuilding database in the recovery menu, it might not work first time but after a few goes it does patience is the key with rsod, also upgrading not downgrading has more success don't ask me why just speaking from experience, a PS3 is not dead till it blows up in flames then its bin time

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    Pool Guest
    Did the PS3's have any other problems like a bad drive when the RSOD was fixed?

    My RSOD happened on 3.01 so I've updated it to every firmware thats been out. I've also tried every option in the recovery menu a number of times.

    The only thing that looks dodgy in mine is the blu-ray drive data ribbon. I tried to find a new ribbon but i can't find the slimmer version which my 80gb drive has. Do you think its as possible to trim the other wider cable and try it on mine? If not does anyone have one spare.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    You can buy these cables pretty cheap on the net!

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    Pool Guest
    The wider cables are everywhere, I can't seem to get the slimmer version which the 80gb model had. That's why I thought I should just buy the wider version and trim a couple of threads off with a razor.

    Unless anyone can point me in the right direction to a shop or Ebay user.

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by Pool View Post
    Unless anyone can point me in the right direction to a shop or Ebay user.
    I'm going to close this now, if you want, start a new thread in the BST section asking where to buy as we don't allow that in the help section.

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