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    Oct 2010

    rockbox + open manager help?

    I just cant get open manager started using my ipod nano 1g rockboxed with psgroove. It has hermes payload v1 though. sf4 is unbootable.

    Since it has hermes v1. psgroove v1.1. Whats the problem then.

    So, any solution guys?

    any geniuses that would solve this would be great

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    Have you tried using the patched mode before booting? Some users say this should do the job. Just switch using R2.

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    Oct 2010
    yeah did the patch before booting.

    anyone who's using rockbox could you gladly help as i think no one has successfully used om1.13 using rockbox

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    Yup ... I got it to work. This is my setup:
    iPod 5g
    Rockbox with hermes patch
    Open manager

    You would need the correct rockbox files for your iPod though, but it has been posted before here

    Good luck

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