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    scriptkid Guest

    The Risks of Jailbroken PS3 and PSN?

    A couple of questions about PsJailbreak and PSN i need answering guys
    • If i sign into psn even without going online with a game can i be detected and banned?
    • If i play online with a legit game while in jailbreak can i be banned?
    • Can i be detected if i play online with a game from my hard drive in jailbreak mode?

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    effbee Guest
    More than likely on all counts.

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    SinnerShanky Guest


    its sony!!! think again!! and i think it would be gud if you rep me lol...

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    costocart Guest
    the ps3 will send the log file (containing all your jailbreak activity) to $ony when it is connected to the internet. in other words... if the ps3 is connected to the internet $ony will know... even though you did not sign in to PSN. this is also true even after you start the ps3 without the jb device (aka in normal mode). that's why the best way to prevent getting banned is to turn off the internet connection in ps3 altogether.

    however the new gaia manager has a new features where it erased all the log/history of the ps3. but beware... this is not 100% safe from being banned.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I am closing this now, do not repost it as this has been covered in countless threads and nobody knows for sure but Sony so it's all just repeated speculation. If you wish to risk it just do it, if not then don't... the decision is your own at this point.

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