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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] RFOM multi player error

    I finally got around to updating my ps3 to version 1.82 and I decided to play some resistance online. I had to download the latest patch to do so. Once I restarted the game I went back in to the multi player menu to join a game. After waiting a minute to join the game, my screen goes blank except for an error in my upper left hand corner of my screen that read:

    Get: 01dd8bb4
    Put: 021d8bb4
    Ref: ffffffff

    Pre: 10000000
    Post: f0000000

    Everything on my ps3 seemed to freeze. No buttons on my controller would work and I had to manually shut down my ps3 by holding down the power button. I attached a photo that I took with my cell phone but it isn't the greatest quality. Being somewhat of a computer geek I'm guessing these numbers are references to location in memory. This was the first and only time I saw this error. What I'm wondering now is if any kind of exploit can be found from this.
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    I got this same error yesterday. Also right after Updating Resistance and joining the first game. After that it didnt happen again.

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