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    Revert from GlitchJoey's PS3 MFW help?

    Hey guys, I might sound like a idiot, but I used glitchyjoeys mfw. And I am going to revert my ps3 today, but I got a question. Since the 4.21 ofw is out and I revert my ps3 to normal ofw again will the ps3 update automatically to 4.21?

    Because I've heard about the 4.11 dex test firmware and in the future that may lead to a 4.11/4.20 cfw, someone may find a security exploit in the ps3 system and crack the keys.

    Thanks for helping me out!

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    if you want to be on 4.20 ofw and not 4.21 ofw i'd suggest download the 4.20 ofw from here and install via usb.4.21 is still optional at this point, where i live anyways,though id say if you update via internet it will go to 4.21.. i am on 4.20 ofw and use psn everyday.

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