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    Sep 2010

    Returning to stock 3.55 after installing CFW help?

    I jumped the gun and installed 3.55 v1 Peek/Poke + Geohot yesterday... I know... I should have waited... After reading that peek/poking lv2 isn't the best idea I would like to return to stock 3.55.

    Am I OK just dropping into recovery mode (holding power etc) and flashing stock 3.55 from my pendrive or are the peek/poke patches permanent now?

    Or worse case RSOD ?

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    Jul 2010


    ok this is how i did it :

    1 step go into ps3 recovery modes (use the search button if you don't know) then search for the websiye of sony or playstation official site then download it put it on a usb using this method.

    2 get a blank usb make a new foler Ps3 then go in that folder and make again a new folder named Update and put the update in it then connect to ps3 and choose number 6 of recovery menu and follow steps then you're done.

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    Feb 2010
    Just reflash official sony 3.55 FW from PS3 Recovery menu, via System update and you are on fresh 3.55 OFW again.

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    Apr 2009
    just reflash the original fw, that will solve the problem. Wait for a more stable dwg.

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    Jan 2011
    Don't worry about bricking your PS3 as it is impossible to brick it by flashing OFW. Just go about as you normally would.

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    Apr 2009
    It's not impossible, my fat with fw 2.4 is bricked, i'm waiting my e3 to try to fix.


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