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Thread: Retrieving DLC for BM games?

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    OGroteKoning Guest

    Retrieving DLC for BM games?

    Hi all. I had some DLC for Dragon Age Origins. The only way I could get DAO to run via BM, was to delete the original disk installation gamedata and reinstall from BM. When loading through BM, the savegames did not load because it needed the DLC.

    Obviously I am on FW 3.41 and I can't re-download the DLC for DAO. The game prompts me to sign in to both the PSN and DAO servers to get the DLC. On Fw 3.41, I can't sign into PSN. Perhaps I am missing something in the process, but how can I get the DLC back? Thanks in advance.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    At the moment you can't do that a "usual" way due to the incapabality to sign into PSN as you've correctly stated. For some games (although I'm not sure specifically about DAO) you can download updates and DLCs manually and install them using the method described here:

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