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Thread: retail PS3 game patches are installed to where?

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    Sterist Guest

    retail PS3 game patches are installed to where?

    i installed the Burnout Paradise retail patch 1.90 via the Install Packages icon and it was not applied. what directory do they get installed to?

    i wish to remove it since it's taking 300mb+

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    The gamedata and patches are stored in dev_hdd0 (internal hdd) and then folder GAME and then the corrosponding game ID Folder that is the same as your game

    And in XMB of ps3 in gamesection just scroll to top and enter gamedata and delete data of the game.

    to install patches , just use latest jailbreak version with latest version of a backupmanager and boot game, and when asked if you wanna update game to newer version , click yes and look if this works , this way worked all the time for me with all games except for just cause 2.

    and it's around 300 mb so could be a DLC and not a patch, sometimes DLC are released as part of patch, but most DLC won't work.

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    At this path... dev_hdd0/game/....

    edit: oops already posted sorry.

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    severusx Guest
    It is safer to use the game data utility in the xmb to remove patches and DLC. Just trying to delete the data using a file manager or FTP program can leave corrupted data on the drive.

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