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    Retail disc of Gran Turismo 5 and spoofed 3.50 JB help?

    Hello everyone,

    I was planning on buying GT5 today, and was wondering if i could play it on my Jailbroken PS3 running 3.41 by using a spoofed package to make it think its 3.50?


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    Mar 2010
    that would be no thanks for playing, no just kidding it's being worked on, at current the only way to play GT5 is the actual 3.50 FW.

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    Jan 2009
    Its probably more complicated than this, i.e just spoofing 3.50fw.

    How do you know what they have done in 3.50?

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    Please use the ongoing thread for discussion of this, not the help forum. The help forum is only for help in things that have already been working for others, GT5 has not yet.

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