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Thread: Restore ps3 system help?

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    SinnerShanky Guest

    Restore ps3 system help?

    I've got a ps3 slim 320gig... I'm having some problems with it so was thinkin of restoring it via the recovery mode... I'l select the restore ps3 system option.

    I wanna ask which method, full format or quick format, should i select... Also wanna ask that it reinstalls the same firmware so everything will be done from scratch, no? Also will i need to have the same firmware on usb stick...? or it'll install it on its own??

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    Natepig Guest
    Just formatting it should be fine unless you have some issue with corrupted firmware. Select quick format and see if that solves your troubles.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    natepig: would it be better to update to kmeaw 3.55 rather that using 3.41 for jailbreaking??

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