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Thread: Restore from PS3 backup utility stuck help?

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    Guids Guest

    Restore from PS3 backup utility stuck help?

    So I finally upgraded my ps3 hdd to a bigger one. Installation all went well, formatting and installing firmware.

    Now I chose to restore from my backup I made with the original hdd with the Backup Utility function at System Settings.

    Its all down to 91% (5 minutes left) and its stuck for 45 minutes...

    The backup was about 30 gigs, please help.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    format your new hdd.. Restart console and try again.. Should work.. rep if i helped..

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    severusx Guest
    Please provide some more information:

    PS3 Model:
    Firmware Version:
    Type and Size of new HD:

    If you are on 3.41 then you may be using the incorrect version that has issues with new HDs. Download the correct version here:

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    Guids Guest
    thanks for replying guys

    PS3 Model: ps3 slim cech-2004a
    Firmware Version: cfw 3.55 kwaem
    Type and Size of new HD: Western Digital Scorpio 320 gb

    what happends when i cancel restoring? it just ask yes or no. maybe i should instal ofw 3.55, however i read somewhere that you should not restore from a different firmware (this was made with cfw)

    another thing: I hear both hdd running (internal and usb external). Not reading (ticking sound)

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    severusx Guest
    Ok, what did you use to load your FW when the recovery menu prompted you for it? If you used a HD I would recommend that you use a Flash drive instead. I would cancel and start over again, the firmware is just adding information to the HD so you should be ok to restart it. You may also want to put your original HD back in and revert to OFW, install the new drive, then reinstall CFW.

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    Guids Guest
    first i was asked to format the new hdd followed to insta'l FW, i used kweam cfw from a usb flash drive. All went well. and ps3 is up and running.

    then from xmb restore from a usb ext hdd. Load backup (made with same cfw). I don't have a flash drive of 30gb.

    Tried a second time, and stuck again at 91%. Backup is probably damaged somehow. Maybe bad ext hdd.

    Now I just copied all my saved games one by one from the old drive. Screw saved game data. I lose some things, but i hope this way i at least have my saved games.

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    severusx Guest
    Ah I see, you were trying to restore a backup of your original HD. I have never done that actually, I always made backups of the saved games individually and copied my game backups to the external using the backup manager. Good to hear that the PS3 is up and usable now.

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