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Thread: Restore backup error 800283E7?

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    rlorenzo Guest

    Exclamation Restore backup error 800283E7?

    Hi all,

    I've this problem, please help. I did backup to my PS3 (original 40GB) with a 160GB to install YDL 6.2 and it succeeded.

    when restoring the backup at 19% it stops with the error 800283E7.

    could someone please help me ?


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    moneymaker Guest
    A backup of a 40GB partition cannot fit into a 30GB partition, if you've made a backup of the 40GB hdd before installing linux and you are now trying to put it back into the of 10GB smaller partion reserved for the XMB... you simply miss those 10GB reserved for linux, the only way is to low level format your hdd and force the PS3 to boot from the XMB by resetting (keep pressed power-on untill you hear the second beep...) the boot-up sequence... and then put back your backup.

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    rlorenzo Guest
    Money I think you're wrong, I've a 150Gig HD partition, I changed my old HD with a new :-)

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    moneymaker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rlorenzo View Post
    Money I think you're wrong, I've a 150Gig HD partition, I changed my old HD with a new :-)
    Well, I don't know exactly what's going on when a PS3 does a backup but using logic whe have to assume it does a "logical" backup of the partition of her interest, if it were a "physical" partition the only reason to get an error could be a damaged hdd... are you following ?

    Well, if it's a logical backup we're writing back we've to assume that if you take a backup of a single OS (XMB) partition of whatever dimension you want and after that you take apart from that partition some space to buid another partition to run linux then you cannot fit back into your new smaller OS partition the backup taken previously from the larger partition... this is what I've understood of your trouble, if is not this way please explain, maybe we will find a solution as well...

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