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    Mar 2006

    Resistance Fall of Man rumble patch install help?

    Anyone able to install the Resistance Fall of Man rumble patch?

    If so, please let me know how as it's the only patch I can't get to work.

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    Sep 2010

    Is it a patch or a Addon / Dlc. If its the last it won't work.
    If it a usual retail patch it should work with the latest hermes 4B payload and OM 2.1g.

    Greets Modmate

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    Dec 2009
    where do you get the patch? I loaded up the game and it doesn't find an update.

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    Mar 2006
    You have to go to mp and it tries to log you into psn to dl the patch.

    Anyone know how to get the patch? If anyone has it on their HD can they post it here?

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    Jul 2011
    I searched for the patch and it's called Patch 6. It was released before the maps addons. Well, I have the same problem. Does anyone know where can I get this patch?

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