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    Resistance 2 opinions?

    What do u guys think about the Resistance 2? I wan to buy but i don know yet =\...

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    I played the first resistance and I loved it seriously its a great game I couldnt believe it was so good when I first got it. Now I want to buy either resistance 2 or cod 5 (I own cod 4) and Im also looking for opinions. I know most of you probably will tell me to just get both, but looking at the slow economy I dont feel confortable buying 2 games right now since I can settle with one a couple of months.

    Is resistance 2 multiplayer any good?

    I played today some cod 5 with my younger brother in law and its the same game as cod 4, really it has new maps, new weapons and even new modes but everything feels just like cod 4, everything grenades, the sights, the way players die and even the kill-cam that pops up when you die.

    I felt like a game Ive already played and I only played it for about 20 minutes. I cant imagine buying this game and playing for 5 hours with out regreting my purchase, even the single player mode can justify buying this game, I havent played resistance 2 and maybe I will feel like cod 5 I still dont know but with what Ive seen today Im more inclined to buy resistance 2, at least I will know what happens to nathan hale next...

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    resistance 2

    heard it was good. but the online play isnt. hope that helps

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