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    DarkDivinity Guest

    Resident Evil Outbreak Multiplayer PS3 questions help?

    If I got ps2 games to play on my jailbroken ps3, would it be possible to play lan multiplayer with Resident Evil Outbreak? If that's possible, would it be possible to play lan with someone who owns a ps2 and that game? I know it's kind of out there, but I was just curious.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes I believe people are using their own servers for PS2 games: ps2onlinegaming.com/forum/

    You most likely have to patch DNAS as well though.

    Online games for the PlayStation 2 are all run by third parties. Many online games' Network services have been terminated, meaning the service is no longer available. Many games can also be played using LAN tunneling with tools such as XlinkKai.

    Search for ps2 games online, as not all games are LAN capable.

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