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    Resident Evil 6 problem help?

    Hi guys, I expect to be laughed at here but hey ho. Have the new version of multiman installed with Rebug rex 4.2.1. Installed Resident Evil 6 on my internal drive and it launched fine. However, on the first level the main characters bodies are missing!

    It's the oddest thing - I can see their heads which are a glowing yellow colour, I can see the weapons but the bodies are completely invisible. New content was downloaded from the network and it occurred to me it was a sabotage update! I just don't get it- I have reinstalled and deleted game data but get the same issue - bodies invisible.

    Its a bit freaky if truth be told. Any idea?

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    On topic: by the words "New content was downloaded from the network", you mean that you've downloaded it officially from PSN/SEN or some shady resource?

    Also, you're playing disc-based version of the game or PSN-one?

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    You got the error before getting the downloaded content or only after? You could try deleting the game and backing it up again.

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