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    Apr 2010

    Resident Evil 5 Gold is Not Working?

    hi there, is any one else havin problems with RE5 GOLD and backup manager, it loads the game fine but when you get the bit b4 the man giving you your wepons it goes to a loading screen and hangs there for ever, has any one else had this problem?

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    I'm having the same problem with Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. It's strange because everyone says it to be working fine.

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    have you guys tried installing these games on the internal hard drive ?

    Some of the games are not working from exteral hard drive, they have to be run from internals !

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    Apr 2010
    yeh i've tried int and ext drives i've, deleted the game data, i've tried everything and still no joy.

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    i've gotten past the point you describe.. playing from my internal hdd.

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    Play from internal, i'm hours into the game and no problems as of yet.

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