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Thread: Reset PS3 BIOS to default?

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    regileX Guest

    Reset PS3 BIOS to default?

    Hey guys. Say PSGroove was released so I decided to fix my PS3. I searched up possible instruction so I can fix my PS3 in a update loop, but then noticed I had to do some electrician stuff. Care to guide me through it?


    "There is a BIOS Battery connected with a two pin connector to the Board, remove the connector, you will notice there are actually 4 pins, turn the battery connector around and connect to the other two pins. This resets the system BIOS to default. Reconnect the battery, put it back together and your system will boot as if you just took it out of the box on the day you bought it."

    This is how the bottom of the board looks like:

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    rribeiro74 Guest
    At the very least it will reset your date and time settings, I'm pretty sure it won't downgrade any previously made upgrade.

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    WeOutHere Guest
    It may help to get out of a loop if it can reset back to default settings. I think you need to remove the battery first since it says to Reconnect the battery, but never told you to take it out in the first place. But, I would be careful if you are not sure because connecting the wrong wires could make it worse....

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    What will be if you done that ?

    Okay, Time & Date are reset, but nothing more ?

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    BwE Guest
    yeah it does nothing but reset the time and basic settings

    sorry guys

    i fix ps3s all the time ^_^ i'd know

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