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Thread: Replacing PS3's HDD, updating it to 3.41 and JBing it?

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    seanyong Guest

    Question Replacing PS3's HDD, updating it to 3.41 and JBing it?


    I got a few question that i would like answered if it's possible?

    Could i replace my jailbroken 40Gb PS3 with a bigger disk , upgrade the system to 3.41 and jailberak it again? Would i need to backup the whole system from this PS3 and then back it up on the new Hard drive... i would like to know how this works and if i could do that in any way? Where is the system actually stored?

    Because we need to put alot of ps3 exclusives on internal HDD and me having only 10Gb's free with no games on my actual HDD just 3 installed games, i would logicaly want to have more space..

    So if any of these questions could be answered i would really appreciate it!

    Thank you!
    Regards, Sean!

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    hondadude94 Guest
    Sure. Except you need to make sure you run the backup utility (settings-system settings-backup utility) in retail mode, not jailbroken mode. After you backup and replace the hdd, it will format the new hdd when you turn the ps3 back on. Then run the backup utility again with your external attached (or whatever you used to backup). Then you'll be back where you started and you can update the firmware to 3.41

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    EiKii Guest
    yo, if you change ure hard drive you won't need to update to 3.41 as you can't downgrade it will know you are on that fw, and either reinstall it or ask for atleast 3.41 or higher.

    i think the fw is atleast partially stored on the NAND flash and partial HDD, just to maqke sure you can't downgrade.

    well if you going to keep all the data on the drive yes backup, but remember that some THINGS cant be copied and must be moved wich wont happen with the backup option, and if you have downloaded games etc it might need to be re activated again, and to do that you need psn acess and that cant be achieved afaik for the moment without updating to latest fw and ofc that would ruin JB option for you.

    hope it answers some questions!

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    seanyong Guest
    Ok, i have read a bit on this... So basicly all i need is to backup my current system, replace the HDD , the PS3 will format it, i do a backup from my external HDD where i did my backup and it will be back on 3.41 as it was, but i musnt do it in jailbroken mode?

    Can i use either SATA or SATA2? I know the HDD must not be higher then 9.5 mm as the 1TB is 12.5...
    About the PSN stuff, i have 2 PS3's and i use the other one for those things...!

    So is this basicly it?

    Could i use this HDD?

    Thank you!
    Regards, Sean!

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Reference these two threads. I went thru the same thing a few months ago:

    Please be sure to mark the best answer posted and give a +rep so that the thread can close.

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