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Thread: Replacement blu-ray, fixed mechanism won't read help?

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    dekaspace Guest

    Replacement blu-ray, fixed mechanism won't read help?

    Ok I had a problem with my console not reading discs so bought a cheap replacement from someone with a ylod console, first the mechanism wouldn't load to took it apart and fixed it, or just about now the problem is it takes discs and spins but nothing else identical to old drive.

    First could this be a different issue? secondly I have the top of the drive off as when I press eject the top left mechanism seems to jam but could that also be the problem? When I say jam what I notice is the white plastic that goes under the spinning piece does not seem to fit under it and catches it making it rattle so I have to manually remove the part that spins then it ejects normally.

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    racer0018 Guest
    What all did you change over from the replacement? Thanks.

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    dekaspace Guest
    All I did was take apart, reset mechanism, then put the loading sensor from old one in as the one from replacement snapped as I took it apart.

    Then logic boards.

    Had another go and same problem, Any ideas?

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