In March I got a broken PS3, Blue Ray was crashed. I sent to support and after 3 weeks I got a replace, brand new one. YES, brand new one, but with one small problem. A NEW serial number for the PS3.

From the start I expected to have some problems on restore backup data (I made one special if PS3 unit will be replaced). But not like what I got.

1. Started new PS3. and RESTORE. Data cannot be restored because it was backed up on other PS3 system, ONLY data without copyright problems will be restored. FINE I said, let's do it.

2. It was restored accounts, but without PSN data, without pictures what I used on avatar, but I can pass on this. I configured again.

3. It was restored (at least I saw the list) some games saves for PS3, but no PS3 games, not from PSN, not from PS3 original games. So I downloaded again all games purchased from PSN and I will need to reinstall all PS3 games to play again. I did not done it yet, so I hope that I will not have problems. I expect that some of my games was registered over the internet and I will get wrong PS3 and will not play.

4. THE BAD ONE: PS2 and PS1 Memory cards are lost, I cannot find it after restore. Maybe someone have for this a solution, I still have around 20 PS2 games and I don't want to start it again.

5. OFF TOPIC: How can I remove from PSN "Download List" for example DEMO games, my list is just too large and I hardly find legitimate purchased games.