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Thread: Replaced Blu-ray drive and board running 4.11 help?

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    lostvoyager99 Guest

    Confused Replaced Blu-ray drive and board running 4.11 help?

    I recently replaced the bluray drive and board after my last board went bad. The drive takes the disk in but wont read. I'm running v4.11 and don't know what to do to get the drive keys to match again. I read about downgrading but don't want to risk messing up since it's not v3.55 or lower. It's a CECHA01 with a kes400a laser. Any help would be greatly apreciated!

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    sharred Guest
    You can't do a thing unfortunately. You can marry the boards only in factory service mode which is only accessible only in 3.55 firmware.

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    lostvoyager99 Guest
    Is there any way to downgrade to 3.55? Also, are there other boards that share the same key? I read if you find a board model BMD-001 and another with the same version that it would work and not have to marry it. Just wondering if anyone knows if thats fact or fiction.

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    sharred Guest
    No every single bd board is locked to the ps3 it was first on. So you cannot use a foreigner bd board. Your ps3 as of today is doomed. If in the future someone finds out a way to enter factory service mode in higher firmware AND finds a remarry process then you will be able to fix it.

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    lostvoyager99 Guest
    Would the a flasher help me out on this?

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    racer0018 Guest
    No the e3 is only for nor ps3s and you have a nand ps3. You need the progskeet. Thanks.

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    sharred Guest
    If your ps3 came with firmware 3.56 or newer then you cannot downgrade to 3.55 no matter what!

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    BlurZz Guest
    he has the first ps3 ever made -_- I'm pretty sure he can downgrade

    You know what. You should try restoring the ps3 and the filesystem. You can backup your ps3 first but when I replaced my disc drive it didn't work. So what I did was I switched the hard drive and it worked.

    Give it a shot!

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    lostvoyager99 Guest
    I did the system restore that took 3.5 hours and it still says the same. I may try popping in a laptop HD and see what I get.

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    I marking this answered now as we don't allow 'where to buy' here.

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