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    betterornot Guest

    Angry Replace PS3 Drive

    Need help installing new PS3 blu-ray drive. Drive won't read any dvd.

    Anyone know how to fix the problem with out replacing a new drive?

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    Legend888 Guest
    Try with laser cleaner. I hope this can help.

  3. #3
    Narmak29 Guest
    the easiest, but not fastest way is to get it repaired.
    what did u do to your ps3 right before it stopped reading dvds?

  4. #4
    psptops3 Guest
    Just wanted to say be careful when taking the drive apart, that front gear can get stripped if misaliged.

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    Sub27 Guest
    I'm find tutorial for open a PS3 but it's in french...


    The pictures are good quality and can help you

  6. #6
    b45678 Guest
    maybe return the ps3 and get a new one?

  7. #7
    psp4936607 Guest
    i encounter this problem a month ago and the only way to solve the problem is to replace new lens and if your ps3 still under warranty than i suggest you return it back to sony for replacement.

  8. #8
    Avanaboy Guest
    Sub27, THX for the tutorial !

  9. #9
    psptops3 Guest
    I got mine from consoleparts4u worked perfect was only 25 pounds. Just remember dont mess with the gears when its open so it fits back the same as you opened it. I had to strip mine down and re do the mech because of gear mesh.

    good luck!


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