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    Xubair Guest

    Question Repairing my PS3 fat help?

    hello everyone, my friend has a ps3 fat 40gb and it's hdmi chip burned so can some one plz help me repair it or tell any way to play through component or composite i mean bypass the hdmi chip.

    here is the chip that have been burned from my ps3

    plz help and super thnx in advance

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    hilongo Guest
    Sadly, I cannot help you to fix your PS3... but you can try to turn it off, then press the power button and let it pressed until you hear a beep. That resets the video/audio output to composite (Yellow / Red+White) and the resolution to the minimum (you have to use a composite cable to be able to see anything on your TV)

    From there... if you have a component (Green+Blue+Red / Red+White) cable you can set your PS3 to use that and set the resolution to 1080p again.

    Have Luck!

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    Taufik Guest

    Confused Please help me?

    I am stuck in the decision nor dump in DIA-002_CECHJK-03, and immediately dump that is in my PS3 has been erased, so I do not have a complete nor_dump, I had him take a dump, but there was a mistake on the 3x METLDR and EID are not so complete, please give me an explanation, or any suggestions how to fix METLDR and EID? his assistance I really appreciate.

    Some METLDR are missing:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    hilongo Guest
    Taufik ... man, sorry, but I have no idea how to solve your problem ...

    Maybe racer0018 can give you a hand on that... check this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ma...ce-122746.html

    Good luck!

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Does the PS3 boot ? If not and you have no dump it is very likely that the PS3 is a brick. Save your self the time and get a new PS3, sad I know but the best way sorry

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    Taufik Guest
    Yeah right boot PS3 CECHK03_02-27437420-1301606. I did capture with progskeet not so perfect, and then I delete the original nor the PS3, but I do not have the original nor stored. intentions to downgrade from ofw431 actually occurred nor brick because of her missing original dump, oh Lord ma'af me out why I am so screwed.

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