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    veritasaequita Guest

    remove managers start over?

    hello all, i started off JB my ps3 with my nexus one phone and am now using the X3max. I'm just stating what i have and have done. I've been using a 500g ext drive that is close to full. I think i messed up along the way by trying out to many game managers.

    I'm wondering if after i deleted the ones i didnt want are there any files left that need to be deleted from anywhere or any gamez"s" folders that need to be renamed? i think i would like to only use Gaia manager and blackbox ftp.

    Is there a correct order i should have or should do things in to get back to a solid way like i was when i had just started and was only using 1 backup manager? Thanks for any help, the people in this forum are great.


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    Krisdog Guest
    Back up all your games to ext. drive. Then delete all Backup managers. If one gives you trouble and says corrupt file, back up ps3's data on external and restore ps3 to factory settings.

    Then, chose your manager, 's of chose and reinstall them. I recommend using only one or two, either multimanager v10 w/covers, or OPM v2.1 D<-----, I have had a 98 percent success rate with these, on many different combination's of Jailbreaking devices and payloads.

    Your games, as long as they remain in there assigned folder, they will be noticeable, If you were using 3 different managers and have 3 different game folders, merge the games to the appropriate game file for the manager in use, or reinstall your previous managers. GOOD LUCK, and I hope this helps.

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