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Thread: Remarry PS3 Blu-ray drive help with fsm?

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    rcjcrcjc Guest

    Remarry PS3 Blu-ray drive help with fsm?

    hi, i have a ps3 fat on custom firmware 3.55 kmeaw. i'm trying to remarry the blu ray drive to the ps3 but i cant run the home-brew fsm as i cant run anything without a blu ray present it just black screens, i know i can use a psp to get it into fsm but i do not have one to hand yet alone one that is jailbroken.

    what i want to know is there a way to turn a simple usb key into a fsm jig and in factory service mode without a blu ray recognized will it actually run the remarry files ???

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    drphuz Guest
    Super easy answer. Grab rebug 3.55.4. Update. Go into rebug toolbox, go all the way to the right. Check toggle fsm on next reboot. Reboot and your in fsm.

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    rcjcrcjc Guest
    i have just installed rebug 3.55.4 and the toolkit.

    but the toolkit is still homebrew package and black screens when i try to run it ???

    any other ideas ?

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    Vorlone Guest

    the only way to get in FSM to Remarry the BD-Drive is a Downgrade USB-Stick (E3, Teensy, OpenKubus, PSP....), its essential!!

    Without a BD Drive no Homebrew or Games are work, if you try to start a App or Game the PS3 get a blackscreen. So you can't use the FSM Hombrew.

    Hope I can help

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    metzen Guest
    Please try the following:

    Hope this doesn't get you the black screen.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Do you have an old iphone (jailbroken) or a black cat USB, or an android phone something that can hold a hex. There is a hex for using with psp and other devices. You can use one of these to get into service mode. Or use the e3 card reader as they are cheap and good to have around if you have a jail broken ps3, they run around 9 dollars American. Thanks.

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