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Thread: Remarried PS3 Blu-ray drive update to OFW help?

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    sykoNsc Guest

    Exclamation Remarried PS3 Blu-ray drive update to OFW help?

    Hey the title is a bit vague but i have a launch ps3 that'c bwc with media card slots and all that jazz, i got it from a guy that had swapped the whole drive out so i had to remarry the drive to the mb. i'm running custom 3.55 fw on it atm but would like to go to the latest ofw since my other ps3 i used to play mw3 and bf2&3 online has been repo'd by rent a center lol.

    my question is this: if i update to the latest ofw will it brick my ps3 since it has cfw and also will the bluray drive become "unmarried" since it was married using homebrew?? any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!

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    racer0018 Guest
    The answer to your questions is that it will not brick the system and it will not remarry. As long as you update it to the same firmware that it was downgraded from or higher. You can only up date it to lets say that you downgraded it from 3.56 then you can only upgrade it to 3.56 or higher. thanks

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    sykoNsc Guest
    so i will have a fully functional ps3 on the latest firmware? i just want to be 100% certain i'm not gonna end up with a ps3 that won't read discs. thank you for the reply.

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    Dizzny Guest
    Yes it will be fully updated and it will read all US retail discs. You will not lose anything and the blue ray drive will still work perfectly.

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