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    rTn Guest

    Which release version of PES 2011?

    Hey dudes,

    Can annybody tell me which kind of version the Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2011.EUR.JB.PS3-MRN is?

    I know there are 3 versions released by konami:

    • BLES020: UK version
    • BLES021: EU version for country's that has english as main language in the game (for example the ones they sell in The Netherlands)
    • BLES022: EU version for country's that has their own language as main language in the game such as France, Germany

    I'm asking this because i want to use an option file. But not all option files are supporting all versions.

    Thx in advance

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    kamenrider Guest
    you should be able to find out if you fetch one of the rar files from the complete set and open it but not extract it.

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