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    [UnAnswered] Registering PS3 for free Blu-ray without upgrading


    Before I start I DID search around the forums here for a while (even used the mysterious search bar that most newbies can't even find). But I couldn't find anything (perhaps wrong search terms).

    Anyway, what I'm trying to do is register my new PS3 to Sony so I can get my hands on one of the 20 000 free copies of Casino Royale offered here in Australia. When I try to register my PS3 i get prompted to upgrade my firmware from 1.50 to 1.60 which I most definitely DO NOT want to do.

    Is there a way I can either spoof my PS3 to get around the firmware prompt or use the change agent option in Firefox to show Im using a PS3? If the later what is the URL I should use?

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    You might want to check the Firmware Bypassed thread, page 47 I believe has full instructions to setup a proxy server on your pc for your ps3 to access through. It should take care of all your System Update requirements it makes you want to do.

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    Thanks - I've been getting great support from here!

    That thread had soo many pages - think I got through most of them but obviously missed that or didn't know it had same functionality for what Im after.


    EDIT: I tried the setup with simple DNS but I now realise that the fuk... and duk... addresses wont be what I need. I am in Australia so do I use the SA ones or are there a seperate set of address for Oz?

    Also I have DHCP active on the network - not my doing, its my housemates setup.
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    try the ps3 proxyserver.gui way of by passing it. very simple

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    There is no need for this thread anymore so i'm closing it.

    1. The casino royal thing is being discussed in this thread: Casino Royale Blu-Ray (Who has theirs)
    (Yes, i realise it was created AFTER this one but it is specifically discussing the freebie)

    2. The firmware issue has been discussed for some time in this thread: PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed thread! If you read the VERY FIRST post you will see links to various tutorials using different methods. (Both Linux and Windows based)


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