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    Region-free PS2 games on Jailbroken PS3?

    Now that the PS3 has been exploited, do you think it would be possible for someone to release a hack that allows you to play, say, JPN PS2 game rips on an American PS3, even if only for 60/25gb units?...

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    It's too early to say right now but as the PS2 is widely open and there is also an option to load PS2 backups on PS3 it would not be a priority for the majority of the devs for the near future I'm affraid unless it will be something fairly simple like patching a few bytes in FW here or there ...

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    Thanks for the speedy answer!... however, it raises another question...

    You say that there's an option to load PS2 backups on a PS3...

    How would I go about doing such a thing?...

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    It can be done via PS3 HDD with Open PS2 Loader but only if your PS3 already has PS2 support (4 USB ports is the easiest way to know).

    The other option is to gut the PS3 and try this, although I wouldn't recommend it as it is probably more effort than it's worth versus buying a used PS2:

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    For the moment you can't play PS2 backups unless you have a 60GB which can play it and you can use the swapdisc method to play backups on your USB.

    It will probably be developed soon so just wait and there probably is someone out there working on it its just a matter of waiting.

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