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    SilverRing01 Guest

    Region free 60gb PS3 and PS1 question help?

    I have already bought a PAL PS1 with a mod chip to play my NTSC PS1 game chrono trigger, but I see slight colour problems from the PAL PS1 unit using RCA composite to my HDTV, I cant use s-video because my tv does not have it but it does have component - can the PS1 use component?

    I heard the 60gb BC PS3 can upscale PS2 games to full hd but what about PS1 games? if I get my PS3 mod chipped will the PS1 game look way better because of the HDMI connection? Do I have to mod chip it or is it a simple custom firmware install? Thanks all

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    misiozol Guest
    Ad. 1 no

    Ad. 2 only ps2 games , simple CFW will do job and they will look same way

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