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Thread: Reduce size of backups?

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    ash x Guest

    Reduce size of backups?

    [FONT="Tahoma"]I want to delete unnecessary folders in my backups to save space. I know there is an update file and extra languages which I do not need. Where are these folders located, and are there any other files I can delete to save space? The backups are already on my PS3, so rather than having to copy to my PC and then run the PS3 game ripper application, I want to delete the folders on the PS3 via ftp.[/FONT]

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Well - as you've already said - Update forlder will save you 256 MB on each game plus any extra languahe file you don't need - but those are game specific so tehre is not much general rule - you'd jsut need to browse the folders and look for English / Spanish / Gernan etc. named files. You can also remove soem bonus movies form plenty of games, demo or theme install folders and so on.

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    Luckluka Guest
    Thats easy!

    First, FTP to your ps3

    Goto dev_hdd0/game/ID-OF-YOUR-BM/GAMEZ/ID-OF-GAME

    Ok now, delete the PS3_UPDATE folder
    goto ps3_Game, and delete unneeded stuff in folders. Infamous for example has a folder called "lang", but you cant just delete the names. You need to create a 0byte dummy file and replace it, otherwise it crashes.

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