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    marc2590 Guest

    Reduce God Of War 3 Backup Size?

    I made a backup of my GOW III game and its taking up most of my internal hdd. I vaguely remeber reading that u could delete some extra languages among other files to reduce its size. does anyone know exactly what is safe to delete? i dont want to delete something that makes it unplayable and have to backup again because it tok a long time.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Make a copy of the files you wish to delete. If the game does not work, you only need to copy those same files back, not the entire game. Languages will probably not reduce the size much. You need to replace the cutscene/video files with a smaller video file if you wish to reduce the filesize greatly.

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    msr Guest
    Someone stated that they replaced the end video of the game with another small vid.

    So that will not make much space, not much you really can do with this.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    You would need to replace every cutscene in the game, not just one of them. but I don't own this game so I'm not sure how much space it would save, or what can be removed.

    If you plan on keeping internal backups, it is basically necessary to upgrade the internal HDD. This is especially true if you have only an 80GB or 40GB internal drive. There are a few games that easily take up 40+ GB.

    someone who has a copy of the game will need to examine it and test what can be removed. alternative language AUDIO files, video files etc are probably the easiest to remove/replace.

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