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Thread: Red screen of death RSOD help please?

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    Krisdog Guest
    I'm not sure what your RSOD was saying original poster? But if you unplug all the components and take your to your Ps3 on the driveway, then get a hammer and smash the living hell out of it. That may or may not fix your problem?? I had to when mine RSODeathed me. it was invigorating!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TechGeek990 View Post
    Sounds like the blu-ray drive is dead or the drive firmware is corrupted and is causing the system to RSOD. Have you tried recovery mode and reinstalling the 3.50 firmware while in recovery mode?
    I second this idea. Download 3.50 again. Do an hash check on it (from what ever website you can find a hash check on (MD5, SHA1, etc...))

    Use a different flash drive or flash device just to be extra cautious. Select Update firmware from the recovery menu, and then it will prompt you to insert a flash drive with 3.50 firmware or higher.

    If that doesn't work, full format the hard drive via your pc, and then try again, if that doesn't work, call technical support and pay $150-$US180 to get the PS3 fixed... or marked the "Krisdog's" comment as best answer and take a hammer to your system.

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    Pool Guest
    I've got one last idea which could lead to a fix, but will need a lot more work.

    I've been speaking to Marcan the creator of AsbestOS about the possibility of booting up his AsbestOS Linux bootloader on a RSOD.

    He was getting me to do some timing on when the RSOD kicks in and if PL3 payload delays the RSOD, which it does.

    The one thing thats stopping me from testing AsbestOS on a RSOD PS3 is it requires a Dev board which has at least 40k of flash, I've currently got a Minimus 32k so I haven't got the ability to run it.

    I don't really want to be buying another board at the moment unless I really have to. So has anyone here got

    1) A RSOD PS3
    2) A capable Dev Board (64k or more) to test this.

    As Marcan has already told me AsbestOS have got limitations but at least its a start to getting a RSOD booting a Operating system again.

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    baigomax Guest
    I really don't understand this, can you explain a little more this method?, it seems interesting!!

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    Pool Guest
    Sorry Amigo, I forgot to mention that you require a Jaibroken RSOD PS3. You mention in your first post that your on 3.50 so its not possible for you yet.

    it should of read,

    1) A 3.41 or lower Jailbroken RSOD PS3

    When trying a PL3 or Hermes payload on a my RSOD PS3 which is running 3.41 the Minimus USB board still shows the success purple LED's.

    AsbestOS Video:

    Until I either upgrade to one of the 64K or bigger dev boards then I can't test it myself unless Marcan manages to get his payload on smaller boards.

    Sorry this doesn't help you baigomax but it may possibly help others.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    I think there is a workaround to that 32 Kb limit by using a Usb device. I don't know the details, and I don't even remember if I saw it on this site or on a French one... I'll try to check it out.

    Or, Teensy 2.0 ++ will soon be in stock, and you can have it for 24$ if I remember correctly ^^ I'll probably get one sooner or later...

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    chomps268 Guest
    Hmmm, this is really interesting.

    I've never heard of RSOD, only RLOD/YLOD, which rarely even occurs with PS3's. But does the RSOD come with a RLOD or YLOD? Or is it just the screen?

    ...I'm contemplating buying a RLOD/YLOD/RSOD ps3 from ebay now for an online ps3.

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    Pool Guest
    RSOD is supposedly a software fault, no one except Sony can fix but even then Sony only offer you a refurb for your broken PS3.

    The ones I've seen are not RLOD or YLOD they are fully working machines. No one really knows where the faults lay but people think it may be some bad firmware in the nand chips.

    On the one I bought everything seems to be ok, I'm not sure if the blu-ray drive works cause it only boots to the red screen. But i reckon there is a fault somewhere in my PS3 which has caused this.

    Every RSOD PS3 I've seen on Ebay seems to be the 80gb but this could just be a coincidence.

    I reckon your wasting your money if you buy one now, cause theres no fix at the moment. Unless you have the time and the correct dev board to test my theory above.

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    labalabacorp Guest

    i got the exact same problems with my ps3 as pool. So, i really like to try booting up AsbestOs. As "Jailbreakstick" i use a HTC ACE (aka. HTC Desire HD) with psfserviceMod. PsfMod supports loading hermes Payloads and should be capable of handling the 40kb paylod.

    My question is where do i get the payload. I was looking everywhere but canīt find anything.

    Any kind of help would be great. So, thanks in advance.

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    Pool Guest
    Last thing I seen on AsbestOS was that Failoverflow where making there own custom firmware so there is no need for a board. This was 2-3 weeks back and I haven't heard any news since.

    With the amount of Rsod's that have happened this week with that other custom firmware then don't be surprised if one of the Devs are working on some sort of PS3 flasher.

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