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    Red Dead Redemption won't load

    Each time I try to load red dead the screen goes black, flickers for a little then returns to my xmb, the game is on my internal HD via ftp. Modnation racers is the only other game I tested and it works fine. Any help?

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    What's the GAMEID Folder for it?

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    The GameID is BLUS30418.

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    hmm, i copied RDR for first time with my modchip, this evening. transferred via ftp to internal.. it booted up fine.

    have you run the game on the ps3 (before modchip), if that is the case, get rid of the old savegames/ config files.

    then try booting it up with BackupManager.

    hope it helps.

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    I have yet to run the game on the ps3. I guess I can try recopying the games via ftp. If all else fails I can just backup the game using BM but I'm trying to avoid using my laser as much as possible.

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    Game BLUS30418 runs fine on my internal HD with PS Jailbreak, remember to disable internet connection to avoid downloading the update.

    When a game fails for me (usually when i forget to disable internet and start it up), i "delete the game" and "delete the game data" and upload it again.

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    Angry Problem with Red Dead Redemption

    I have a problem launching this game also. When i launch it gives me an error saying the game needs an extra 516mb on the HDD. I have erased almost everything from my hard drive and i have like 25gb free, and at the end it still says it needs 516 on the drive. What should i do?

    thanks in advance

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