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    Red Dead Redemption USA DLC install help?

    Hi. I downloaded RDR USA (BLUS30418) version, but it has no DLCs. I have no connection to Internet because I don't want to access PSN while my PS3 is modified.

    Then I downloaded the Undead Nightmare disk which includes some DLCs, but my wish is to have the new DLCs on the original singleplayer story. I would like to have new outfits for the first original game and I can't find the DLCs for RDR USA version, and the Undead Nightmare that I downloaded is EUR.

    I also would like to know if somehow I get those DLCs, do I have to activate them or something like that?

    Thank you.

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    I don't use PSN, but as I understand it DLC and other PSN downloads require activation. If it is available in a game update then you can install it but I don't think you can get DLC. Again, I don't use PSN so I could be wrong.

    Check this thread:

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    Well, that thread is about game update which is possible by copying the pkg update to the USB pendrive and then installing it.

    But then if DLCs cant be played my doubt is cleared It's a shame that DLCs cannot be played (activated) in CFW without access to PSN/Internet. Thank you for replying.

    Anyway, I've heard that Copernicus exclusive DLC for PS3 of Assassins Creed Brotherhood can be played by downloading a PKG and installing it, as it has no activation.

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    I say you should wait for Rockstar to release one with all the DLC, if they're going to. Other then that, you're kind of limited when it comes to using pkg dlc.

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